0-24-24 High P & K Fertiliser 600kg Bulk Bag

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0-24-24 is a quality P&K fertiliser ideal for correcting phosphate and potassium deficiencies in paddocks, pasture, amenity turf, sports turf and trees and ornamentals. This product does not contain any nitrogen which can be beneficial in areas where a minimal amount of top growth is required. The lack of nitrogen can also be especially important in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ's), or on horse paddocks where there is a risk of laminitis.

The application rate will depend on how many times you intend to apply the product and also what the grass is going to be used for. If you want to find out what is in your soil, and the amount of fertiliser you will require, then look at our Paddock Soil Analysis.

If the area is going to be used to grow hay, or intensively grazed, then look to apply a fertiliser with a higher level of nitrogen such as 20-10-10 Fertiliser. If you require a fertiliser which is fully balanced, consider looking at 16-16-16 Fertiliser.


Understanding Fertiliser Analysis:

- Under the metric system the unit of measurement is a kg.

- Recommendations are given in kg/ha.

- A fertiliser with the analysis 0:24:24 contains: 0% nitrogen, 24% phosphate, 24% potassium.

- So in a 600kg bag: 0% of the 600kg is Nitrogen i.e. 0kg N, 24% of the 600kg is Phosphate i.e. 144kg P, 24% of the 600kg is Potassium i.e. 144kg K.

- For more information on fertiliser rates visit www.defra.gov.uk/rb209.


Key Benefits:

- Ideal for correcting phosphate and potassium deficiencies.

- Does not contain nitrogen- ideal for NVZ's.

- Suitable for use on amenity turf, paddocks, pasture, sports turf and trees and ornamentals.


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Do not graze until all fertiliser prills have completely disolved, typically 2-3 days

- Improve the pH of your soil by applying Granulated Lime.

- If you are looking for a liquid fertiliser look at Nutri-gem Liquid.

- View our range of walk behind, towable & mounted Fertiliser Spreaders.