100L Blue Wheelbarrow

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This Wheelbarrow from Tony Mitchell has 110L capacity, with a scale on the interior to helps the user calculate the perfect mixture if using it for cement. Thanks to it's unique design the wheelbarrow is able to carry long handle tools, along the length of the tray. The wheelbarrow is equipped with a strong rigid one piece tubular frame made out of thick steel with a tipping bar for easy unloading. A puncture free wheel is also included.

This wheelbarrow is easy to use and is idea for use in the garden, or for use on stable yards for mucking out horses.

Key Benefits:

- Ideal for carrying long handle tools.

- Idea for use in the garden or for mucking out horses

- Has an interior scale to help calculate mixtures.

- Tipping bar.

- Strong and durable frame made from thick steel.

- 110L capacity.