3-12-12 Nutrigrow Autumn Fertiliser 25kg

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Nutrigrow Autumn 3-12-12 is ideal for use in the autumn & winter on any grass area such as lawns, paddocks, pasture and sports turf. This is a quality, fast acting spreadable compound fertiliser with 2-3mm uniform granules. Whilst it is commonly used during the cooler periods, Nutrigrow Autumn can be used all year round if you require a product with a low level of nitrogen. Use this fertiliser at an average of 50g per m2.

Treating grass in the autumn and winter is very important as it helps strengthen the grass whilst also offering pre-stress conditioning against the harsh conditions. Treating in the cooler months also helps to reduce the threat of disease, moss & weeds by encouraging a denser sward.

Key Benefits:

- 6 weeks longevity.

- Turf response is seen within 7 days.

- Granule dispersal takes on average 4-5 days.

- Ideal balance of NPK to strengthen turf.

- High phosphate and potash levels to encourage harder growth and better root development.

- Granules provide ease of application and an even distribution.

- Ensures even growth, quality and colour over the whole area and prevents the unsightly specking effects.

- Versatile application rates- as low as 35g/sq.m enabling one bag to cover 714m2 making them very economical.


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- When applying, ensure you get even coverage by using a Fertiliser Spreader.

- If you require a liquid lawn fertiliser, then why not look at Autumn-gem.

- If you require a winter fertiliser with high iron consider Nutrigrow 4-0-4+9fe.

- Avoid mowing for 3-4 days either side of treatment.