4mm Screened Premium Loam 25kg

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Binder Loams produce an extremely high quality range of screened products. These are produced by passing their range of basic loams over a modern screening plant fitted with a 4mm square mesh screen which results in a fine easy to use screened material with less than 3% in the particle range 2mm-4mm. Because of the small particle size these loams are  designed to be used as top dressings for either grass seeding preparation or top dressing fine turf.

This screened premium grade loam is of a medium / heavy texture and is suited for use as levelling and final preparation of top 50mm of areas for grass seeding.

Key Benefits:
- This loam has been screened to 4mm

- Specifically made to be used in final preperation for fine turf

-  Medium / heavy texture

- Premium grade

Our Recommendation:

- Use as a leveller or final preperation

- Use alongside Premier Grass Seed


Works well alongside a tailored fertiliser and weed control programme