70/30 Top Dressing 25kg

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This quality 70/30 top dressing contains 70% sand and 30% topsoil. This top dressing can be used in a variety of areas but is particularily suited to sports pitches throughout the year. It can be applied following seeding or overseeding to protect the development of plants and encourage the germination of grass seeds. This is also very popular with bowls clubs due to the high sand content that promotes free draining and a smooth surface.

Top dressing can also be applied after renovation processes such as aeration, so that it will filter into the holes made and will improve the rate at which grass and turf recovers. It can also be used to help against winter dessication.

Key Benefits:

- Contains 70% specially selected sand

- Contains 30% top soil

- Ideal for use after seeding or overseeding areas

- Protects grass against winter dessication


Our Recommendation:

- Apply to lawns and sports pitches

- Use in conjunction with a tailored fertiliser plan from our advisors

- Consider buying a bulk bag for larger areas

- Overseed bare or patchy areas first using our Premier range of grass seed

- Always read the label before use



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