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Aqua Tick is a unique adjuvant designed to adjust the quality of water in the spray tank and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of chemical sprays.

This product improves pesticide performance by buffering the pH to a mildly acidic level to maximise alkaline hydrolysis and improve uptake by the plant. It will also bind with dissolved salts in hard water that can adhere to pesticide molecules and slow down or even prevent uptake of the chemical to the plant. Aqua Tickis used to aid the effectiveness of certain herbicides, for example glyphosate.

Aqua Tick softens hard water by completely and irreversibly sequestering harmful cat-ions such as Calcium and Magnesium which are present in hard water. It also acidifies the water to approximately pH 5, which prevents alkaline hydrolysis.


How To Use: 

Please Note- Aqua Tick must be added to the water before the pesticide.

- Half fill the spray tank and begin agitation.

- Add the correct quantity of Aqua Tick for the final water volume.

- Continue filling the spray tank to the required volume.

- Add pesticide(s) as directed.


Dose Rate:

- Soft - 40-50ml per 100L of water.

- Medium - 50-60ml per 100L of water.

- Medium Hard - 100-180ml per 100L of water.

- Hard - 180-200ml per 100L of water.

- Very Hard - 220ml per 100L of water.


Key Benefits:

- Maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of chemical sprays.

- Softens hard water by completely sequestering harmful cat-ions present.

- Turns water pink once the correct amount of product has been added.

- Creates ideal pH enviroment.


Our Recommendation:

- Use in areas of hard water to get the best out of herbicides.

- Always wear Gloves when handling Aqua Tick. Aviod contact to eyes and any exposed skin.