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Barrier H is the world's first herbicide made using only natural plant derivatives from sustainable resources. As well as being environmentally friendly, Barrier H is effective and efficient in controlling ragwort all year round. If you add the applicator gun option the product is then ready to use to spot spray in a 5L container making it super simple and esay to apply. 

Ragwort is a particularly invasive and fast spreading perennial broad-leaved weed that mainly occurs in waysides, grazing land and uncultivated ground. Growing up to 3ft, the weed is dark green in colour with curly edged leaves, however from July-October the weed has large flat-topped clusters of yellow flowers. Ragwort is particularly destructive as it is highly poisonous to cattle and horses, therefore controlling the weed is crucial. As digging and pulling the weed can worsen the infestation it is imperative that an effective herbicide treatment is used.

Our Recommendation: 

- If you are looking to spray a larger area look at Headland Polo.

- Barrier H is suitable to use if you do not have a spraying certificate.

- If wanting to use a knapsack sprayer for spot treating look at Grazon Pro.

- Spot spray directly on to weeds-ideally during dry and still conditions. Spraying in windy conditions may result in transient scorch on grasses which would then be replaced by fresh growth in good growing conditons.

- Long term control of ragwort will depend on the management strategy. Check the affected area 28 days after application and re-apply as necessary.

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Barrier H.