Blue-Gem Dye Spray Indicator

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Blue-gem ® is a food grade blue dye that is mixed in the spray tank with herbicides and pesticides to help improve accuracy. An integral part of spraying, Blue-gem will identify the sprayed area by temporarily dying the area. The treated area stays blue for a few days after application (how long it remains will depend on the surface) and then fades with sunlight or washes away with rain.

Using a spray indicator, such as Blue-gem, will in turn save you money and time as you are not missing any areas or overdosing any areas by spraying more than once. It can be used in a knapsack or boom sprayer and is compatiable with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, moss killers and liquid fertilisers.

To use; half fill the spray tank with clean water, agitate the water and add the required amount of blue-gem. Then add the pesticide or other treatment(s) and fthen fill the tank with water to the desired level and commence spraying.


Key Benefits:

- Safe for mixing with liquid herbicides and pesticides.

- The dye is temporary- washes away with rain and faded by sunlight.

- Saves money as overdosing is reduced.

- Saves time as areas are less likely to be missed.

- Non-toxic


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Avoid getting the product on areas you do not want temporarily dyed.

- Mix in with herbicides so you can clearly see the area you have sprayed.

- Wear Gloves to avoid stained skin.