Greenforce Weed Feed & Moss Killer 15kg

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Greenforce is an effective 4 in 1 product that will kill a range of weeds, remove moss, fertilise and green up the grass for a stronger and healthier looking lawn. You can expect to control weeds such as daisy, plantain, dandelion and clover. The ferrous sulphate will kill the moss quickly whilst fertilising the grass at the same time.

Greenforce Weed, Feed & Moss Killer is the strongest product on the market with a massive coverage of 750m2 from just one 15kg bag. This not only works out cheaper per m2 than other brands, it also saves you time re-filling and applying, saves cost on shipping charges and also leaves you with less waste packaging to dispose of.

Key Benefits:

- Covers 750m2 from just one 15kg bag.

- More cost-effective than other brands.

- Does 4 jobs in 1- controls weeds, moss, greens up and fertilises the grass.

- Ideal for use in home gardens.

Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- It is best to treat moss in the spring or autumn.

- For treating moss on hard surfaces use MMC Moss Killer.

- When applying by hand ensure Gloves are worn. Alternatively, a Pedestrian Spreader can be used.

- If you are looking for a sprayable moss killer and lawn feed then try
Nitro-gem Liquid