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Headland Polo™ is a strong selective herbicide used to control tough paddock weeds such as ragwort, thistles, docks & buttercup in areas of grassland and crops such as winter wheat and barley. Headland Polo contains two strong hormonal active ingredients, 2,4-D and MCPA which are fast acting and cause the plant to twist and distort within days, making it a popular and highly effective weedkiller.

Headland Polo is ideal for large areas as it comes in a 10L bottle that covers 7 acres. These two active ingredients are also available seperately as Depitox™ (2,4-d) and Agritox® (mcpa).

To help increase the spectrum of controlable weeds we would recommend mixing with a product called Vivendi.

We recommend applying Headland Polo between the months of April and October when both the weeds and grass are actively growing. Apply the product with a medium to fine nozzle and spray onto a dry leaf. You will need to avoid spraying if rain is forecast or if the grass is stressed due to frost or drought as this will reduce the product's performance. This product can only be used through a Boom or ATV sprayer. If you want to spray through a knapsack then look at Thrust.

Horses and livestock need to be kept out of treated area until poisonous weeds (such as ragwort) have died and become unpalatable.


Key Benefits:

- Strong selective herbicide that can be used for the control and management of many common and invasive weeds, for example thistles, docks and buttercup.

- Known to be particularly good at controlling ragwort.

- Contains two hormonal active ingredients (2,4-D and MCPA) which disrupt the plant's growth hormones and cause the plant to distort within days.

- Great value for money as it comes in a large 10L bottle that covers 7 acres.


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- If you are treating smaller areas, consider using Grazon Pro.

- Improve efficiency of Headland Polo by adding a herbicide enhancer the help it penetrate the weed - Activate-g 1L.

- Best results will be obtained if spraying is done while the majority of annual weeds are seedlings and perennials when the flower bud is forming.

- Avoid spraying in windy conditions as drift could cause damage to neighbouring crops.

- Do not use the first 4 mowings after application for mulching.

- Apply Headland Polo at 2.5 l/ha in 200-400 litres water/ha when using on cereals. It is recommended to use the higher water volume on areas of dense weed growth or in dense stands of cereals.

- Apply Headland Polo to permanent grassland at 3.5 l/ha and to newly sown grass leys more than one year old at 2.5 l/ha. Use 200-400 litres of water/ha.

- Save money and time and mix with Blue Dye to avoid missing areas or overdosing.

- Always wear protective clothing, such as
Chemical Resistant Gloves
, when handling Headland Polo.