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Hurricane has been formulated for use withing cereal crops such as wheat and barley to control a wide range of broad-leaved weeds. Hurricane is also a key active in black-grass programmes and when mixed with partner products contributes towards annual medowgrass control. It has a flexible residual activity that provides enhanced weed control even in dry soils where germinaton is protracted.

Hurricane can also be used as part of a tank mix with other Adama products. To see the full list of compatible herbicides, fungicides and insecticides please see the Adama website or contact a member of our team for free advice.

Hurricane works by being taken up by germinating seedlinds through both the root and shoot, with little translocation in larger plants. It will work by causing photo-oxidative destruction of the chlorophyll and cell membranes in the presence of light, causing chlorosis and bleaching. This will then lead to the death of the plant.

Key Benefits:
- It is an effective residual herbicide
- Controls a large spectrum of broad-leaved weeds including Fat Hen, Groundsel, Knotgrass, Red Deadnettle and voluntary OSR.
- Specifically formulated for use in cereal crops
- Provides enhanced weed control even in dry soils

Our Recommendation:
- Use as part of a tank mix to treat Black Grass
- Always read the label before use
- Use as part of a tailored fertiliser programme from our team
- Treat weeds at the first sign of growth
- Save money and time and mix in with Blue Dye spray indicator to ensure no areas are missed or overdosed.