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Instrata Elite replaces the popular 'Instrata' and delivers even more control whilst reducing it's application rate by two thirds. A broad spectrum foliar fungicide, Instrata Elite combines difenoconazole and fludioxonil with both contact and systemic properties. Instrata Elite is used for the control of fusarium patch, patch, dollar spot, brown patch and also offers moderate control of anthracnose on managed amenity turf.

Instrata Elite mainly covers turf diseases that result in patches of discolouration. Fusarium patch is a turf disease with symptoms of orange/brown patches 1-2 inches across that increase in size and join up to form larger patches. Dollar spot can be found in any area of turf and creates small (dollar size, hence the name) spots of bleached turf on close mown grass, although again they can join up to form large areas. Brown patch causes tan/dark brown patches of water soaked grass. In humid conditions a brown/grey 'smoke ring' may appear around the edge of the patch.

Instrata Elite is a suspension concentrate formulation and should be used in conjunction with other management practices to promote good turf health.

Apply at 3L/ha.

Key Benefits:

- Broad spectrum.

- Combines contact and systemic properties.

- Controls turf diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch, fusarium patch and red thread.

Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Take care to prevent spray drift onto surrounding areas.

- Make sure the disease has been correctly identified before treatment.

- Do not use on newly sown grass.

- For best results apply as a preventative spray when conditions become favourable to disease development.

- Save time and money and mix with Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed or overdosed.

- To improve control by over 20%, mix in with Ruby.

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Instrata Elite.