Kaloam Cricket Loam 25kg

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Kaloam is a specifically formulated loam for use in cricket. It is hugely popular within the industry and is an important factor for establishing wicket's. Kaloam has a distinguishable light brown colour due to the high content of clay, which makes the cricket pitch more durable.

Broughton loams are sterilised to help reduce the possibility of any weeds frowing and any soil-born fungi that can lead to problems such as fairy ring. Kaloam helps improve pace and bounce of the area and aids fast seed germination.


38% Clay, 42% Silt & 20% Sand

76kg Motty Strength

pH 7.5


Key Benefits:

- Promotes fast seed germination

- Specifically formulated for cricket pitches

- High clay content

- Kaloam has a fantastic reputation

- Easy to spread

Our Recommendation:

- Use in conjunction with a free tailored fertiliser plan from our specialists

- Always read the label before use

- Seed or overseed bare and areas using the Premier range of grass seeds