Kettering Loam 25kg

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Boughton Kettering Loam is a well-known product with a great reputation with local authorities and sports pitches. It has been used for many years typically on cricket pitches due to its great results from minimal preperation. It has a typical clay content of over 24% and allows fast grass seed germination. This cricket loam is suited for use alongside the Premier Grass Seed sports range and aids seed germination. It is also useful on gardens and lawns at home.

Key Benefits:

- Suited for use on cricket pitches and lawns

- Renown brand with great reviews

- Contains over 24% clay

- Value for money

- Easy to apply

Our recommendation:

- Use in conjunction with a tailored maintenance plan from our specialist advisors

- Seed and overseed bare and patchy areas with our range of Premier Grass Seed

- Treat weeds at the first sign of growth

- Always read the label before use