Lawn Sand 3-0-0 +7Fe 25kg

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This Lawn Sand is formulated for use on lawns and amenity grass to promote healthy grass growth to in-turn aid its defence against competing weeds and moss. The presence of iron in this lawn sand will harden the grass alongside blackening any moss if present. Moss does not only look unsightly and create a patchy lawn, but it can make the area uneven and affect play on sports pitches or playing areas.

Another benefit of lawn sand is that it is safe to use and easy to apply. Lawn sand can be applied to lawns and amenity areas for the majority of the year, providing there is no frost or drought. 

Key Benefits:

- Cost effective

- Blackens Moss

- Hardens grass to help fight weeds

- Greens up grass quickly


Our recommendation:

- Always read the label and application rates before use

- Use when there is no drought or frost

- If you want to kill weeds at the same time then why not try Weed Feed & Moss Killer.