Lawn Sand 3.5N + 3.6Fe 25kg

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For years, Lawn Sand has been the standard control of moss in grass. As well as being safe and easy to use, this product is also very cost effective. Lawn Sand can be used at any time from February-November providing it is free from frost and drought. As well as controlling moss, Lawn Sand is also widely used to harden grass against disease and green up grass for a quick fix.

The presense of iron sulphate within Lawn Sand can help reduce the pH level of the soil which can in turn reduce the amount of worm casts. This product is a mix of part sulphate of iron and part sulphate of ammonia, mixed together with dry sand.

Key Benefits:

- Safe and easy to use.

- Cost effective.

- Effectively controls moss in grass.

- Can be used from February to November.

- Hardens grass against diseases.

- Quickly greens up grass.


Our Reccomendation:

- Always read the label before use.

- When applying by hand ensure Gloves are worn.

- If you are looking for a liquid alternative then try Maxicrop Lawn Tonic.

- If you want to kill weeds at the same time then why not try Weed Feed & Moss Killer.