Mogeton Moss Killer 750g

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This Product Has Now Been Discontinued. Please Speak To Our Team For Suitable Replacements


Mogeton® is a moss killer designed specifically for the elimination of moss (bryophytes) on grassed areas and managed amenity turf, however this is restricted to golf courses only. Its active ingredient, quinoclamine, is absorbed by the green elements of moss which inhibits photosynthesis. In addition to this, Mogeton® leaves a surface deposit which prevents the germination of moss spores and extends the product’s effectiveness over many weeks. The performance of Mogeton® is increased in warm humid conditions; in cold dry weather its effectiveness will be delayed although the degree of effectiveness will not be affected.

Mogeton® has recently been granted an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU 2273-2015) to allow applications to be made on protected ornamental plants for the control of Moss & Liverwort.

For controlling hard surface cleaning, look at our product Sapphire.

Key Benefits:

- Eliminates moss on grassed areas and golf courses.

- The main ingredient, quinoclamine, prevents photosyntheis when absorbed by the green elements of moss.

- Mogeton® leaves a surface deposit which prevents the germination of moss spores and extends the product's effectiveness.

Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Use with a watering can fitted with a fine droplet sprinkler rose head or dribble bar as best results are achieved when the moss is soaked well.

- If you are looking to kill moss in lawns then look at Ferro-gem

- Please note, this is only approved for use on golf course tee's & greens.

- Mogeton® must be applied when moss is present and during a period of active growth.

- Apply one treatment per season between May and August when moss is present, and preferably when the sky is overcast and humidity is high, but not when it is raining.

- Mix in the product at 1.5 g/L of water (15 kg/ha) and apply by watering can on the infested areas at 1 L/m² (10,000 l/ha). It is recommended to fill the watering can with half the required amount of water, add and mix Mogeton® and then top-up with the remaining water.

- Do not apply during the first year of laying grass.

- Grass and grass clippings should not be used for animal feed during the year of treatment.

- Save money and time and mix with Blue Dye to avoid missing areas and re-applying.

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves, when handling Mogeton®.