Monsanto Amenity Glyphosate XL 5L

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This Monsanto Amenity Glyphosate is suited for areas that need total control of both weeds and grasses. It is widely used in the amenity sector and on industrial sites to remove all vegetation from hard surfaces and non-crop areas such as paths and fence lines. 

This herbicide is foliar acting and controls annual and perennial grasses, plus most braodleaved weeds when used correctly. if you are looking for a product that will control tough weeds such as Horsetail, we recommend using Diamond.


Key Benefits:

- Contains 360g/l glyphosate.

- Rain fast in 4 hours.

- Controls weeds and grasses.

- Ideal for use in amenity and industrial sites.


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the label before use.

- Wear appropriate PPE.

- Use 
 to control all weeds including Horsetail / Marestail.

- Do not use on areas with vegetation that you do not want to control.