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Mosskade is a popular moss, liverwort, algae and lichen control product that is made form 100% natural ingredients. It contains plant derived starch, proteins, oils, lactic acid and water. For the best results, we recommend applying MossKade in Autumn, Winter or Spring to produce a protective layer that prevents moss or algae from forming. Not only does it look untidy, but they can also create a slip hazard especially when wet.

Mosskade can be used on a wide range of surfaces including wood and concrete and works by physically coating and blocking the pores of the moss, algae or lichen. It gives visible results within a few days of spraying. It is widely used in domestic gardens, landscaping and in nurseries. 

Key Benefits:

- Can be used on wood and concrete

- Made from 100% natural ingredients

- Works by physically coating the moss, algae, lichen or liverwort. Thick layers need to be treated with duplicate applications

- Makes areas look tidy and reduces the risk of slipping

Our Recommendation:

- Apply early morning to allow it time to thoroughly dry

- It is most effective when applied to the target species when it is actively respiring

- Appy at the first sign of algae, moss or liverwort

- Repeat applications as necessary