Nitro-Gem Lawn Tonic 10L

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Nitro gem® Lawn Tonic is a fast acting greening agent which helps the grass recover from stress and promote lush growth. This specific formulation contains seaweed extract which has also been known to inhibit moss in grass.

Simply mix with water in a watering can or sprayer and then treat the desired area. For best results use a knapsack sprayer as this offers better coverage to thick and dense areas of grass. This product is ideal for using on lawns and amenity areas.

For an all in one lawn treatment, look at Green Force Weed, Feed & Moss Killer. 

**Due to recent changes in the law, products which contain ferrous sulphate can no longer be claimed to have control against moss. This is because any product which 'controls' moss is now classed as a herbicide, and this requires the product to have an expensive and complex approval. Due to this, we are unable to claim that this product will control moss; In spite of the fact that the product formulation has not changed since when it was used to control moss with very good results** 

Key Benefits:

- Fast acting.

- Promotes lush growth in grass.

- Contains seaweed extract which has been known to prevent moss in grass.

- Ideal for use on lawns and amenity grass.

Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Apply from March-September when grass is actively growing.

- For controlling moss on hard surfaces use MMC Moss Killer

- Save money and time and mix with Blue Dye to ensure no areas are missed or overdosed.

- Do not apply to newly sown or newly turfed areas.

- Do not apply in drought conditions.

- If you are looking for a fertiliser look at 9-7-7 Fertiliser or Nutri-gem Liquid.