Ongar Loam 25kg

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Ongar Loam is a cricket test and county quality loam ideal for creating top performing pitches. When rolled under the correct soil conditions, this heavy clay loam provides excellent and consistent wickets. Screened to 4mm, this top dressing is naturally fertile for healthy and luscious grass growth.

Contains 31% clay, 38% silt, and 31% sand. 



Key Benefits:

- Screened to 4mm.

- Ideal for cricket grounds.

- Promotes healthy grass growth.

- High clay content.

- pH 7.9.

- Motty strength = 88kg 


Our recommendations:

- Always read the product label before use. 

- Use alongside a tailored fertiliser programme from our specialists. 

- Seed and overseed bare and patchy areas with our range of Premier Grass See