Sportsmaster Cleanrun Pro Fertiliser 25kg

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From the popular range, ICL Sportsmaster, Cleanrun Pro is an effective weed and feed for lawn and turf. This mini-granular fertiliser contains a powerful selective herbicide for the control of common broad-leaved weeds such as daisy and dandelion. Cleanrun Pro is ideally applied during spring and summer when the weeds are actively growing.

The active ingredients are 14-0-5+MCPA+mecoprop-P.

Please note, this product will not control moss. If you are looking for a weed, feed & mosskiller look at Greenforce.


Key Benefits:

- Mini-granular fertiliser combined with a powerful selective herbicide that will control common broad-leaved weeds such as daisy and dandelion.

- Can be used on areas of lawn and turf, for example golf tees, golf fairways, amenity and sports fields and large grass lawns.

- Ideal for use in the spring and summer months of April to September.

- Covers 714 square metres.


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Apply when the folaige is dry (not in drought conditions) and before rain is expected. If there is no rain after 1-2 days then you will have to irrigate to disperse the fertiliser granules.

- Do not apply onto newly sown or turfed areas.

- Grass should not be cut for 3 day prior to application or for at least 4 days post treatment.

- Avoid contact or drift onto areas/plants outside the target area.

- Avoid walking on treated areas until it has rained or irrigation has been applied.

- Do not apply more than 3 times per year.

- Always wear protective clothing, such as
Chemical Resistant Gloves
, when handling Sportsmaster Cleanrun Pro.