Squire Ultra 120g

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Squire Ulta is a herbicide safe to White Clover which offeres excellent results against established Dock infestations. It is used at very low doses which give it good crop & opperator safety, along with no buffer zones around water courses. Squire Ultra is also good on other weeds such as Cleavers & Bracken. It also has an EAMU (Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use) for use in Ornamental Plant Production & Forest Nursery/Farm Forestry (as brand 'Eagle').

The active ingredient amidosulfuron is currently being trialled for use in Forestry as a possible replacement for Asulox. We will advise if this product successfully gains an approval.


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- Ensure grass is not stressed and is growing well.

- Always wear protective clothing, such as Chemical Resistant Gloves