Towed 102cm (40") Dethatcher

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Scarifiers (otherwise known as a dethatcher) are an integral part of achieving the perfect lawn. A scarifier is a garden tool designed to cut through the soil, helping remove dead moss and grass cuttings. When you scarify your lawn you will be cutting and removing the lateral growing grass leaving the higher quality grass to flourish. The cutting action of the scarifier also aerates the soil which makes it healthier and helps to control weeds.

This 102cm (40'') Dethatcher can be used from early spring through to autumn and is suitable to be towed by all types of lawn tractors and ride on mowers with a tow hitch height of 19cm.

Key Benefits:

- 1m (40”) working width.

- 10-100mm spring loaded paired tines

- Hitch pin included.

- Weight tray for additional weight.

- Transport wheels.

- Single lever transport handle.

- 12 month warranty.

- Weight: (NW) 14.8kg (GW) 14.8kg.


Our Recommendation:

- After a high quality petrol scarifier? Take a look at this Webb Petrol Scarifier.

- Use Resolva Lawn or Interfix to get rid of lawn weeds such as daisy, clovers and dandelion.

- Use a NPK fertiliser such as 9-7-7 Nutrigrow Spring Lawn to ensure even lawn growth, quality and colour.