AL-KO Soft Touch 2.8 HM Classic Hand Mower

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  • Lightweight
  • 5 High Quality Grass Cutting Blades
  • Easy To Use
  • Quieter Than Petrol Engines
  • 28 cm Lawn Mowing Width

The AL-KO 2.8 HM push lawn mower is the smallest hand mower in the range

Capable of cutting as low as 14 mm, the AL-KO 2.8 HM Classic hand mower is ideal to use when a very low cut is required. With four adjustable height settings and 5 high quality cutting blades, the hand mower cuts the grass as clean as if it were cut with a pair of scissors and is extremely gentle on the lawn.

The lightweight robust body design and the XL wide tyres ensure that the hand mower is easy to use and manoeuvre whilst the rubber bumper protects the mower body.

With no petrol to store, no cables to trailing across the lawn and quiet operation, this push hand mower offers a fantastic alternative to electric and petrol lawn mowers.a