AIRREX AH-720 infrared heater (AH720)

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Airrex AH-720 is a patented electric infrared heater that is ideal for the efficient and pleasant heating of working areas, garages, offices, summer cottages, terraces and breakrooms, for example.

The infrared heat produced by the unique, ceramic-coated heat exchangers and halogen lamp spreads evenly in all directions and offers a pleasant sense of warmth also close to the heater. The heating capacity of the heater can also be enhanced with a built-in fan. The light heater is equipped with wheels and does not require fixed installation.

The heater has an automatic thermostat control, timer 0–24 h, main current switch. Overvoltage and overheating protection, tilt sensor that switches off the heater if it falls, and protective earth. Easy-to-use control panel with LED display and remote control.

The heater is thermostat-controlled (one type of resistance is always on, possibly causing a higher temperature in small spaces even if the desired temperature had been reached). The device also has a remote control.

Airrex AH-720 heater has a 12-month factory warranty.

What is Infra Plate?

Electric infrared heaters that produce longwave infrared are usually based on heat-producing tubular resistor elements. The infrared radiation they generate emits radially from the surface of the resistor, causing the heating capacity to scatter vertically. The Infra Plate patented by Airrex directs the infrared radiation precisely in the desired direction. The patented Infra Plate produces the best heating capacity and the lowest emissions. The heat is focused precisely forward, which increases the heating capacity. Made from an aluminium mix and ceramic-coated components, the efficient heating element has excellence resistance to heat and impacts. The heater does not cause noise or smells, and the longwave infrared radiation it produces feels very pleasant. The health benefits of longwave infrared radiation are widely recognised. The quality of the radiation generated by Airrex heaters has been tested and certified.