Countax Powered Scarifier

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Fits the A25-50HE model 

Regular scarifying can help achieve a lush, thick and green lawn that is healthier and more resilient to disease.

The process removes moss and thatch, a build up of matted organic material; that can prevent the grass plant from receiving adequate light and nutrients – often resulting in a brown, patchy lawn.

Simply mounted on the tractor, a task that could be days of hard manual work with a rake becomes a leisurely ride around the lawn.

Driven by the tractor’s power take-off, the scarifier’s high-speed rotating tines tease out the unwanted thatch and moss, leaving behind the intact grass plant and simultaneously aerating the ground that helps to stimulate fresh growth.

A Powered Grass Collector can then be used to sweep unwanted material ready for the composter. The scarifier covers a full 76cm (30") width of lawn and has height adjustment for precise depth control.