CS-352AC-14 ECHO Chainsaw

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Engine Displacement:  34.0cc

Dry Weight:  4.0kg

Output:  1.31kw

Bar Length:  35cm (14")

Saw Chain Pitch:  3/8"

The CS-352AC is an all-round rear handle chainsaw with a 34cc engine. It includes an “Auto Choke” feature which enables a quicker starting procedure which prevents engine flooding and is safer for the operator. The solenoid valve in the carburettor controls the amount of fuel depending on the engine temperature.

Its Stage 2 compliant low emission engine means reduced exhaust emissions. Useful features include a side access chain tensioner that allows easy chain adjustment and a precision anti-icing system which prevents the carburettor from freezing in colder months.

With a guide bar of 35cm (14″), the CS-352AC is an ‘all-round’ utility saw for pruning and cutting firewood.