Designer Polo & Race Course Seed Mix 10kg

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This high-quality grass seed mixture is suitable for new and existing areas. It will establish very quickly to produce a dense, hard wearing sward for horse racing, gallops & polo pitches.

It contains 100% perennial ryegrass making it extremely hard wearing.

This seed has been treated with Headstart® GOLD, which is the latest in seed treatment technology for grass seeds. The coating improves performance and ensures maximum germination and establishment so that a healthy well-rooted sward can grow. Headstart® GOLD is a further development of the well-recognised HEADSTART® treatment and has been developed using the latest scientific findings and field experience. Each seed has been coated with seaweed extracts, bio-stimulants, molybdenum, copper, sulphur & phosphorus.


Key Benefits:

- Ideal for horse race courses and polo pitches.

- Produces a dense and hard wearing sward.

- Treated with Headstart® GOLD.


Our Recommendation:

- Sow at 35-50g/m2

- Treat annually with 20-10-10 Fertiliser to maintain a healthy sward.

- Use our Paddock Soil Analysis service to find out exactly what is in your soil.

- Take a look at our How To Seed and Overseed a Lawn Guide.