Nutrigrow 10-15-10 High-Phosphate Fertiliser 25kg

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Nutrigrow High-P is a quality fertiliser which is ideal for areas requiring a large amount of phosphate (P). High-P also benefits from a low amount of nitrogen & potassium, making it a popular choice as a general feed. This product is widely used in paddocks and pasture as a corrective treatment for phosphate (P) deficiencies, or used at lower rates as a general feed which will slowly release the fertiliser over a 6 week period.

The application rate will depend on how many times you will apply the product, and also what the grass is going to be used for. If you require a detailed recommendation, please contact us for a soil analysis kit. Apply either by hand or through one of our applicators.

Understanding Fertiliser Analysis:

- Under the metric system the unit of measurement is a kg.

- Recommendations are given in kg/ha.

- A fertiliser with the analysis 10:15:10 contains: 10% nitrogen, 15% phosphate, 10% potassium.

- In a 25kg bag: 10% of the 25kg is Nitrogen i.e. 2.5kg N, 15% of the 25kg is Phosphate i.e. 3.75kg P, 10% of the 25kg is Potassium i.e. 2.5kg K.

- For more information on fertiliser rates visit


Key Benefits:

- Ideal for plants deficient in phosphate.

- Contains low levels of nitrogen and potassium- ideal as a general feed.

- When used at lower rates as a general feed High-P is released slowly over a 6 week period.

Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- If you are looking for a liquid fertiliser look at Nutri-gem Liquid.

- For applying fertiliser over large areas look at our Pro Fertiliser Spreader.

- Improve the pH of your soil by applying Granulated Lime.