Solo by AL-KO T20-105 HDE V2 Premium Lawn Tractor

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    Curently on back-order
    • Fast mowing thanks to wide 105 cm mower deck
    • Cruise control for even comfortable mowing
    • Large-volume catch box with acoustic level signal
    • Standard bumper and cast iron axle
    • Powerful 11.3 kW engine 

    If you want to mow large lawns efficiently, we recommend the lawn tractor solo by AL-KO T 20-105 HDE V2.

    A 11.3 kW Briggs & Stratton engine with 2,450 rpm provides the power to the solo by AL-KO T 20-105 HDE V2 lawn tractor. The cutting height of the 105 cm wide cutting deck can be adjusted in seven stages from 20 mm to 80 mm. The mower deck can be easily removed for maintenance or if you are using the tractor for other garden tasks such as towing a garden roller or trailer. The C-profile frame is particularly sturdy and rigid, and in combination with the standard built-in bumper and the stable cast iron front wheel axle, it ensures a long life of the lawn tractor. The electronic emptying system for the 310 litre collector is fitted as standard making emptying the grass cuttings effortless.
    The 23 inch rear wheels ensure the T 20-105.5 HDE V2 provides optimum traction yet is gentle on the lawn and provide a smoother ride over any imperfections in the ground . The cruise control delivers an increase in comfort and efficiency whilst side-by-side forward and reverse pedals enable intuitive driving. Due to the external fuel tank filler, the tractor is easy to refuel. The low tread and the large legroom make it easy to mount and operate the lawn tractor.