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Sovereign Sulphur is a granular product containing 90% elemental sulphur and 10% bentonite clay. It can be used at low rates simply to deliver sulphur to the crop or at higher rates to correct the soil pH. Sovereign Sulphur breaks down and washes into the soil rapidly but requires warm soils to become useable to the plant. This is a granular product which is suitable for hand or machine spreading; it can be incorporated into the soil or left to disolve on the surface.

At the rates that sulphur is applied for nutritional purposes, the effect on soil pH would be slight; however, in certain circumstances, it is beneficial to lower the pH of soil, for example when establishing heather (or other acid loving plants) and when attempting to reduce common scab in potatoes.

Sovereign Sulphur has also been extensively trialled for the reduction of worm casts in fine turf. We have seen excellent results when used at 100kg per hectare every month for several months. This is a preventative treatment which pushes the worms deeper down. Sulphur compounds such as Sovereign Sulphur can also be used on soils in order to provide calcium or release calcium that was previously insoluble.

Nutrient deficiency is common on neutral soils, alkaline soils or soils with excessive lime. Availability of essential nutrients is often lower due to the high pH of these soils. Temporary rectification of these issues can be achieved by foliar applications, however on small areas of land where crop production is intensive, it is the more practical, permanent and advisable solution to reduce the pH of the soil, especially if it does not require significant lowering.

Key Benefits:

- Increases crop yield, quality and profitability.

- Corrects pH level of soil when used at higher rates.

- Can be used as a preventative treatment for worm casts.

- Provides and releases calcium in plants.


Our Recommendation:

- Always read the product label before use.

- For alkaline soil apply Soverign Sulphur.

- For acidic soil apply Granulated Lime.

- The application of Iron Sulphate can also help reduce the pH.

- Complete a Soil Analysis to gain a better understanding of your area