Spear & Jackson Metal Lawn Rake

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This Spear and Jackson Elements Flexo Lawn Rake is great value for money. It features a long 49" clear lacquered ash wood shaft which makes the wood weather-proof improving the lifespan and durability of the product.

The rake has 16 heat treated tines made of carbon steel for added strength and durability. The rake head also features a hammer finished, epoxy coated head for improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalines in the soil. The handle has a soft feel which both adds extra grip and improves comfort.

This leaf rake comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee.

Key Benefits:

- 16 carbon steel heat treated tines.

- Durable.

- Hammer finished, epoxy coated head.

- Improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and soil alkalines.

- Soft feel handle.

- 49'' clear lacquered ash wood shaft.

- Weather-proof.

- 10 year guarantee.

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