Storm Buggies - 1000w Kids Electric Go Kart - Red

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We can offer a full build and PDI service, which will increase shipping costs and will be done on a case by case system. If you want this option you should choose the local pickup option and you will be invoiced for the shipping later.

Upgraded model featuring new seat style, up-rated wheel bearings and higher capacity electric controller.

Our kid’s off road electric go kart is a great ‘first time’ off road machine and the secret is in the simplicity. Ideal for children of six years plus (height dependant) not only is the electric go kart super quiet, but it is also very easy for first time off roaders to get to grips with! Unlike petrol powered machines, this electric go kart motor is virtually silent and so even the grumpiest of neighbours can be kept happy with peace and quiet!

The go kart simply has two pedals, one for stop and one for go. A very popular feature for parents is the adjustable three speed setting which limits the top speed to 6mph, 12mph or 20mph. Once the speed setting has been selected, the key can be removed giving complete peace of mind knowing that the go kart is locked in a slow speed mode until the child builds up confidence and experience.

Please Note: Unlike some retailers, this go kart is supplied ready to go, fully assembled and tested by our professional technicians. 

The battery life is around 45 – 90 minutes – depending on the rider weight and type of terrain being used. We are able to supply additional batteries if required.

Please note: This off road electric go kart is suitable for flat terrain such as large gardens or very flat fields.

Key Machine Features –

  • 1000w 48v electric motor
  • Forward & reverse engine function
  • Pneumatic tubeless tyres
  • LED battery status indicator panel
  • Adjustable seat - the back of the seat to the foot pedal is approximately 72 - 80cm
  • 3 speed settings

Please note: The warranty on this machine is three months on main parts such as frame, steering, suspension, switches, wheels , motors, handlebars, brakes, plastics and seats.

We do not cover wear and tear items such as tyres, batteries, chains, cables, throttles, brake levers or any moving parts. Accident damage, abuse or issues with lack of maintenance will void warranty.