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Joyner 800i 'Sport' features a number of key improvements including an automotive standard ED powder coated frame which should never rust or suffer from degradation. Teflon bushes & grease nipples on A-arms. A redesigned frame & a number of improved, reinforced components throughout the vehicle.

Perfectly happy on or off road, this buggy is the most established buggy in its class and is sold in huge volumes all over the world. Not only will this machine beat any comparable 'side by side' machine in its class but also, due to its low centre of gravity, it will easily outperform the competition on the twisty off road stuff! Joyner have been doing this for 10 years and have gained considerable credit throughout the world including a number of recent off road rally wins recently.

The Joyner 'Sport' includes the following upgrades -

  • Stainless steel exhaust pipe
  • Triple roof mounted spotlight set
  • Extra dash mounted instrument gauges + cut off switch
  • Removable side nerf bars
  • Racing style aluminium a-arm + drive shaft protection plates

Unlike many other buggies on the market that feature unknown brands of Chinese engine that often breaks down and are not supported by and back up and spare parts supply. The new Joyner 800i buggy is powered by a 'Chery Automotive' 812cc modern car engine. Never heard of Chery Automotive? By all means look them up on Google and you will see they are part of a joint venture with the UK Jaguar Land Rover group!

The new sports suspension with coil springs lowers the buggy by 70mm, and is combined with a 60mm upgraded track with width which has been tailored exclusively the new Joyner 800i. Fitted with premium quality Maxxis tyres, seated on 14in alloy rims, this boys toy makes for an awesome driving experience on both the winding roads and any off road terrain that you dare to challenge it with.

Supplied with a user manual covering all aspects from pre ride safety checks through to detailed service and repair instructions and EC certificate of conformity (COC) Fully approved for road legal use in any EEC country - compliant with directive 97/24/EC


The appropriate safety clothing should be worn by the driver and passenger at all times. As with all buggies, go karts and quads, this product requires regular service and maintenance to include a PRI (pre ride inspection) and general check over EVERY time between use. This product is fitted with brush guards designed to withstand light to medium impact and every effort should be made to not roll the vehicle.

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