Storm Buggies Rage 'Comet R' Road Legal Buggy - 200hp 6 Speed Sequential Transmission

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As with the Rage Comet, the Comet 'R'  has taken the concept of the R180RT a step further, with more power and even more torque  this machine will blow your mind.  It is obvious at first glance that this is a Rage, but drive it and you will see that this is something even more special giving you a driving experience like no other.

It is powered using the engine from the latest Kawasaki ZZR1400 Motorcycle, and can be specified with either a new or used unit. Used engines are all low mileage examples and thoroughly inspected and tested before use.

The 1352cc engine gives incredible performance and will launch from 0-60mph in around 3.5secs and on to a top speed of 120+mph.

The Comet 'R'' comes in full road legal stance as standard, and can be converted for off road use within 15mins using the motocross kit (optional extra), comprising of offroad tyres, alloy wheels and longer damper springs.

Again, it is an incredible vehicle capable of operating on a variety of surfaces, ranging from tarmac race track to full motocross, with the added benefit of being road legal. (Now available road registered in Germany).

A floor mounted rally style gear shifter comes as standard and is coupled to a six speed sequential rapid change gearbox.