Storm Buggies Rage 'Cyclone' Off Road Buggy - 70hp Automatic Transmission

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The Rage Cyclone is one of the newest additions to the RAGE Motorsport family. It has been designed around the very strong and well established two seater chassis used on the Hurricane and Comet vehicles.

The Cyclone is fitted with an automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) coupled with the latest Suzuki K-series engine. With it's 70bhp and 90 ft lb. of torque, this vehicle will not disappoint.

For the driver looking for some serious off road fun, this is the vehicle for you to let off some steam and unwind in.  The 998cc engine gives incredible performance and will take the vehicle to a top speed of 75+mph.

It is an incredible entry level addition that comes in motocross stance as standard, and can be used on a wide variety of off-road surfaces eg: sand, mud, gravel etc