Storm Buggies Rage 'Hurricane' Off Road Buggy - 140hp Automatic Transmission

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We can offer a full build and PDI service, which will increase shipping costs and will be done on a case by case system. If you want this option you should choose the local pickup option and you will be invoiced for the shipping later.

The Rage Hurricane uses a Brand New Yamaha Nytro engine and CVT drivetrain, which made it the obvious choice of vehicle to co-develop with McRae Enduro Sport, to be used in the arduos 8,000Km Dakar Rally.

If your familiar with a CVT transmission then you might be able to imagine just how quick a vehicle with 140hp might be and if you're not then you will be amazed. It is an incredible vehicle that is capable of operating on a wide variety of surfaces, ranging from tarmac race track to full motocross.

It is powered using the engine from the latest Yamaha FX Nytro snowmobile.

The Rage Hurricane comes in motocross stance as standard, and can then be converted to Supermoto within 15mins using the Supermoto kit (optional extra), comprising of tarmac tyres, alloy wheels and shorter shock absorber springs.

The 1050cc engine gives incredible performance and will launch from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds and on to a top speed of 120+mph.

Being automatic, this vehicle is ideal for anybody to just jump in and give themselves some serious grin factor.