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  • Round bale size up to 6’x5’ (1.2m x1.2m or 1.8m x1.5m)
  • Round bale weight up to 1000kg
  • Unit weight 525kg
  • Hydraulics required 1x double acting spool
  • Oil flow 12litres/min
  • CAT 2

Designed to meet demand, the simple to use, low maintenance BFX-180 is a robust round bale feeder loaded with the same features and benefits of the BFR-180. It is Ideal for livestock farmers who require a machine to feed out silage, hay, haylage or chopped material from either side with ease. Reduce time and manual labour with this versatile machine, and save up to 20% on feed bills through reducing wastage of feed.

  • FEED ROUND BALES – Save up to 20% on feed bills through reducing wastage of feed.
  • SAVE TIME AND MANUAL LABOUR – Reduce time and remove the back-aching work of manually feeding.
  • FITS TO LOADERS & TRACTORS – Very versatile to suit your current machinery. Comes standard with 3 point linkage. Optional Loader Brackets available.
  • NO ELECTRONICS – Simple to use and maintain.
  • USE ON SMALLER LOADERS – Designed specifically to mount on smaller loaders for agile yard work.
  • DETACHABLE LOADING HEADSTOCK WITH QUIKLATCH™ SYSTEM – Fast and easy reloading without needing to unplug hydraulics.
  • FEED OUT FROM BOTH SIDES OF MACHINE – Convenient to use.
  • HDPE (HIGH-DENSITY POLYETHYLENE) FEEDER FLOOR – Tough material with zero corrosion minimising material leakage. Ideal for crumbly or wet bales.
  • STRONG BED CHAIN – 5500kg load rated roller chains designed to handle the toughest of conditions.
  • STRONG CHAIN BARS – Suitable for use with heavy silage bales.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Only 2 grease points!
  • HIGH STRENGTH BOLT ON BALE SPIKES – Great for use with tight bales.
  • OPTIONAL FRONT AND REAR CHAMBER PLATE – A closed in chamber means you can handle loose feed such as root crops without leakage.
  • OPTIONAL OFFSET TRACTOR LINKAGE – Drop the feed outside the width of the tractor making it easier to feed close to walls or into troughs.
  • OPTIONAL OFFSET LOADER BRACKETS – Drop the feed outside the width of the loader meaning you won’t drive over the feed. This also makes it easier to feed into troughs.