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The Wessex ATV BRINE SPRAYER is based on the popular SS618P sprayer, but has a special boom featuring 3 individual clusters of nozzles for varying applications. The 55 litre tank will hold enough brine to cover 1250 square metres or 1.5 metres width over a 1 kilometre distance. Over this area, only a fraction of the amount of salt will be used in comparison to a conventional granular salt spreader. The Wessex brine sprayer comes complete with the 5m hose and hand lance, which is ideal for treating doorways, pathways and steps etc. and other areas inaccessible to the ATV.

  • Approx full weight 60kg
  • Pump delivery 18 ltr/min
  • Max pressure (bar) 3
  • Boom options 11.5m, 2m, 3m, 5m