150cc RFZ RACING™ Jaguar Big Wheel 17/14" Dirt Bike - Red

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Pre-order for the 28th of November 2021

The latest generation of these incredible Jaguar 'big wheel' dirt bikes offers incredible value for money which at the time of writing, can not be matched by any other comparable branded bike on the UK market. 

The RFZ RACING is a famous and renowned brand throughout the world and is frequently seen winning races on the amateur circuit.

Key Features - 

  • Genuine YX 150cc engine - Manual 4 speed gearing
  • Front & rear hydraulic brakes with wavy discs
  • Latest technology 32mm tubular & profiled frame
  • 17” Front & 14” Rear wheels with rimlocks
  • VOLT™ V-ONE front & rear suspension
  • VOLT™ Performance alloy 5.0™ race style exhaust