80/20 Meadow & Flower Seed Mix 100g

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Brighten up an unused corner of your garden with this Native Wild Flower mix. It contains 80% native grasses and 20% annual wild flowers which are all native to the U.K. It is a balanced mixture of attractive, brightly coloured and vigorous annuals which used to be commonly seen in cornfields, but were regarded as weeds.

This pack will treat between 50-100 square meters depending on how thick you require it. It contains common poppy, corn chamomile, corn marigold, corn cockle, cornflower along with other wild flowers.

Key Benefits:

- Visually appealing.

- Contains 80% native grasses and 20% annual wild flowers.

- Plants reach up to 50cm (20 inches)

- Suitable for a wide range of soil types.

- Flowers should self-seed.

Our Recommendation:

- Sow at 1-5 grams per sqaure meter.

- Sow in either early spring or early autumn, and do not cut. When flowering has finished at the end of summer, ensure that all seed is shaken from the mature plants as you pull them up. Most species will germinate and establish within a few weeks, although some may not appear until the following summer.

- Shake the bag well before use.