Ambrogio L35 Deluxe Lawnmower

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The brand new L35 Deluxe, small and compact, involves a high degree of innovation. Fitted brushless motors and advanced cutting systems, the L35 Deluxe can mow and maintain areas up to 1800 m2 in the least time possible.

ambrogio l35 deluxe keypad control

Keypad & LED Display

ambrogio l35 deluxe front bumper obstacle sensor

Bumper & Active Mechanical Obstacle Sensor

ambrogio l35 deluxe large rear wheel

Large Rear Wheels For Grip

ambrogio l35 deluxe solid stainless steel blade

Quad-Edged Solid Stainless Steel Mulching Blade

ambrogio l35 deluxe recharging station

Automatic Recharging