Premier Tennis Grass Seed 20Kg

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Premier Tennis Grass Seed 20Kg

A hard-wearing amenity mixture for court and baseline use.

The Premier Seed Tennis Court mixture has been carefully formulated to meet the demanding requirements for continuous use on a well-managed turf.

There are several important characteristics required from grass seed mixtures intended for a tennis court or lawn. 

The resulting turf must be resistant to abrasive wear, be uniform and consistent to produce the required playing surface (for regular ball bounce and control). Disease resistance of the grass species and varieties is also very important and goes a long way towards maintaining a quality playing surface even during hot or humid weather, particularly when the turf is at its most stressed due to frequent summer play.

Key Benefits

  • A mixture designed to give rapid establishment with extreme wear tolerance and recovery.
  • Outstanding shoot density and proven tolerance to close mowing makes.
  • Ideal for tennis courts, cricket wickets and golf tees

Our Recommendation

  • Apply by hand or use a spreader for even coverage
  • Do not treat for weeds until grass is 6 months old
  • Treat regularly with fertiliser to maintain a healthy sward