Battery-powered fuel transfer pump DP-08EA (DP08EA)

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The Dukshin DP-08EA is a battery-powered fuel pump with automatic stop function. With this pump, the transfer of fuel from canister to another or, for example, to an Airrex heater is very easy. The Dukshin pump also makes it easy to empty the Airrex heater tank.

A battery-powered fuel transfer pump with an automatic stop function. With this pump, it is very easy to transfer fuel from one canister to another or, for example, to an Airrex heater. With the Dukshin pump, it is also easy to drain an Airrex heater tank. 

The suction pipe of the device is injected into the container where the fuel is to be sucked and the end of the filling hose into the tank where the fuel is to be moved. The pump is then started from the circuit breaker and the pump starts automatic operation. The pump stops automatically when the sensor in the filling hose detects that the level of the fuel tank to be filled is sufficiently increased.

  • The Dukshin pump is able to transfer about 4000 liters of liquid with two D-series (LR20) batteries.
  • The pump is suitable for transferring petrol, diesel, water (not drinking water) and other light liquids.