Unnukka plastic cover REXP10015

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Plastic cover for a round hot-tub (Unnukka). ABS-plastic cover (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) fits for most of hot tub models. A cover is especially useful accessory, with it you can speed up heating of your hot tub, keep the water hot for a longer time and optimize heating performance on the following day. The cover also protects your hot tub from debris and with a cover your hot tub remains clean when empty, and as well it protects inner parts of hot tub from UV-radiation. The cover improves safety especially for families with children and pets.

The cover has strong handle that makes handling it easier.

Fastening kit with three rubber straps, knobs and screws are delivered with the cover. With the kit cover stays on top of hot tub also in windy conditions. As an accessory we have a safety lock to offer which allows you to lock the cover. Locking not only prevents small children accessing to the hot tub but also stops prohibited usage.