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The technology used in the EGO Power+ system breaks the mould. It begins with the industry’s first 56V Lithium-ion powered battery. Unlike other battery packs, which are shaped like bricks, ours follows a patented ‘arc’ design that helps to dissipate heat. Inside, we have developed an advanced power management system and our proprietary ‘Keep Cool’ cell technology works with each battery cell to maintain long-term power and unmatched performance.The EGO Power+ system also boasts a class leading charging system. In just 30 minutes, an empty 4.0Ah battery can be fully recharged using the Rapid Charger – another first in the lawn and garden world. Power Beyond Belief starts with better technology. That’s what puts EGO’s power,performance and durability on a whole new level.

  • FUEL GAUGE - Shows you how much power is left in the battery.
  •  Rapid charger - 40 minutes
  • Standard charger - 100 minutes
  • Weight - 2.2 kg