Premier Paddock Grass Seed 14Kg

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This horse and pony paddock grass seed mixture is suitable for new and existing paddocks. It contains all the seeds needed to maintain a healthy paddock and horse. If you are looking to over-seed an area, we would recommend to sow at 7kg per acre. If it is a completeley new field, we would recommend to use at 14kg per acre.

The inclusion of creeping red fescue aids the rapid repair of damaged swards and also produces a dense matt of grass which in-turn reduces damage to grass and aids hoof protection from stones. This mix will tolerate several years of wear and tear.

If you are only looking at repairing small areas, consider our Paddock Seed Repair Kit.

Contents Breakdown: 

- 38% Portstewart Perennial Rye Grass

- 35% Premium Perennial Rye Grass

- 20% Heidrun Strong Creeping Red Fescue

- 7% Erecta Timothy

Key Benefits:

- Contains all the seeds needed for a healthy paddock and horse.

- Produces a dense matt of grass.

- Protects hooves from stones.


Our Recommendation:

- Do not treat for weeds until grass is older than 6 months old.

- Treat annually with 20-10-10 Fertiliser to maintain a healthy paddock.

**Please note the actual bag is white, the above image is for illustration purposes only**