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  • Working width 1.2m
  • Overall width 1.6m
  • Hopper capacity 1.5m³
  • Tipping height 1.3m
  • Weight 530kg
  • Minimum power required 18hp


  • Working width 1.8m
  • Overall width 2.2m
  • Hopper capacity 2.25m³
  • Tipping height 1.3m
  • Weight 645kg
  • Minimum power required 25hp

A clean & tidy paddock is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for your livestock. The STX-120 and 180 are designed to turn a paddock sweeping chore into a pleasure. The strong and simple mechanics of this machine means horse droppings, twigs and other debris is swept up and into the hopper whilst the grass benefits from the grooming action of the bristles - an advantage not gained from vacuum machines. A powerful hydraulic ram tips debris from the collection hopper at a height of 1.5m into a low trailer or heap on the ground. A row of sprung steel tines situated in front of the brush rotor rakes through the grass loosening stubborn muck to aid collection.