AL-KO Energy Flex BBA 40 Battery Belt

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  • Fatigue-free gardening thanks to excellent weight transfer
  • Extra comfort thanks to special padding
  • Optimal freedom of movement through one-click separation of belt and device
  • Relief of the arms. This makes working more comfortable particularly when working for extended periods

Hand-held Energy Flex products are now even more pleasant to work with, as the battery can now be carried on the belt and no longer in the device (battery not included).

The battery belt includes an adapter and can be used for the following products from the Energy Flex family:

  • LB 4060 Leaf Blower
  • LBV 4090 Leaf Blower / Vacuum
  • GT 4030 Grass Trimmer
  • CS 4030 Chainsaw
  • MT 40 Multi-Tool
  • 40 BCK Brushcutter Kit
  • 40 PPLRK Long Reach Hedge Trimmer & Pruner Ki